India - When to go and how to get there


When to go and how to get there

Welcome to a timeless land with an ancient harmony. Yes, it’s a little like stumbling on a lost realm. Come, let us be your guide in a country where the past seems more real than the present… the rules of the everyday are suspended and every moment acquires a special significance.

Ah! India! The very name resonates with enchantment, evokes an explosion of colour where palaces unravel by the lake shore; muscular forts straddle and heave out of the sea; ornate temples surge to the skies in devotion; tiny fishing hamlets and sun-kissed beaches languish close to proud bustling cities.

There is flamboyant natural beauty too - walls of snowy mountains, turbulent rivers lush green fields, rustling forests bristling with wildlife, deserts as dry as bone where proud camels lope. Ineffable peace and everyday clamour. Come, let us unravel a magic carpet and fly!

Leave it to us to deliver the wow! 



Most parts of India have three seasons: summer, winter and the monsoons.

The summer months (April – June) are hot in most parts of the country.

The monsoon season (June – September) starts around the beginning of June along the south-west coast and gradually sweeps across the sub-continent.

The south-east region of the country also gets rainfall between mid-October and mid-December.

The winter months (November – March) are pleasant with sunny skies. Winter is more severe in the northern plains and the Himalayan foothills and cooler across the rest of the country.

The higher reaches of the Himalayas often get snowbound during winter.



You can get to India from most major hubs in South East Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Some of the airlines that fly there are

Singapore Airlines, Air India, Thai Airways, Qantas, Jet Airways, Malaysian Airlines and many more.

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