It’s your time to get away, but what holiday experience are you looking for?

Perhaps you want to immerse yourself in exotic cultures, visit ancient sites, be surrounded by wildlife and natural beauty…there’s so many exciting holiday options available that you could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. But there’s no need.

Our network of local guides and tailored tours reaches across Asia, Africa, South America and the Pacific – start exploring some of our destinations and then let us start planning your personalised holiday journey.


Enchanting, colourful and cultural

Immerse yourself in the riches of timeless India where you’ll discover labyrinthine towns and ornate temples, hilltop forts and tiny fishing hamlets. 

Friendly, vibrant and multicultural 

Rich with natural beauty, from tropical beaches to lush mountains, our bespoke tours will show you how the island boasts the highest biodiversity in Asia

Exploring the East: from Cairo to Capetown 

This vast continent is full of such breathtaking experiences, we know that we can design your personalised journey to surpass even your highest expectations.


Religion, respect and royalty

We love the variety of cultural, scenic and culinary experiences to choose from in South East Asia.


Multicultural, multilingual, magnificent

If you’ve never been to South America, it’s time to let us take you on an amazing adventure through time.

Paradise is a place

When you’re looking for a holiday to rest, indulge and relax, we can find the idyllic island escape for you and your group.